Paintings by Artist: Brian F. M. Barlow

Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas is Coming - Give an Inspirational Gift!

Jesus came to testify to the Truth. Let's remember this Christmas Season to raise up the only name the came to set captives free!

Stolen Child - By Brian Barlow

This image was taken from my journal. I drew it several years ago. God's promises are real and while wounds from our childhood can be painful, He promises to heal and restore. A few weeks ago while on a mountain retreat, I believe the Holy Spirit inspired this poem to comfort and heal me, my hope is it will encourage you.

Stolen Child by Brian F. M. Barlow

He is running in the wrong direction
Longing to return to the innocence of his youth
Only to have it stolen by someone else’s recreation
A lie was given in exchange for the Truth
Once happy, playful, and carefree 
He explored God’s creation, he thought, “It’s made just for me!”
When in that moment, in the shadow of that day
That little child’s heart was broken, his life stolen away
Wounded and confused he cried out for help
“Do this the preacher said, Do this and be clean”
He warned do not fail do not fail in your attempt
For in that moment you’ll surely lose, cast out in contempt
Fail in his efforts he surely did
Hopeless as he aged, soon tears he no longer shed
Fear and Despair were now his guide
Pride trying to hide the emptiness inside
Is there any hope for someone like me?
Pure once before and made clean before Thee
Stained with life and loss, I could only hope to be
Loved once again from this prison set free
Dear Lord, do not forget me
Take my life and let it be
Open my heart my eyes to see
What it is to be loved and free
Take the lies, the hurt, the ashes
From the deepest wounds of my soul
I choose to give You the bondage
Finally to know Truth and be made whole
I see the tears that Truth shed for me
His dear sweet blood poured out on Calvary
His voice full of power when He proclaimed
It is finished, bowed His head, broken and maimed
Then on that day, Truth rose from the dead
His wounded hands touched my face and said
This life you once had stolen, I’ve taken back for you
My dear child, unblemished, full of hope, You are NEW!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

On Location at Kellogg's DC - Los Angeles, CA

It's fun and exciting to have this commission. God has really provided. His promises to give us a future and a hope never fail! I'm learning that each day.