Paintings by Artist: Brian F. M. Barlow

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Unleashing Art Conference at Our Savior's Palm Springs

Hey Everyone - I'm really excited about Matt Tommy coming to Palm Springs in January. He authored a book Healing the Heart of the Artist and will be here to encourage and pray for the heart of the artist in God's Kingdom here in the Coachella Valley. Save the dates January 19-21.

On Thursday January 19th we will have a juried art show at Boileau Studio for artist called to use their unique giftings to share Christ to a hurting world. Contact me (Brian) to submit your work.

Check out Matt Tommy at

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hold Mommy's Hand


I asked a favor of my Father
I whispered in His ear
Hold the hand of my mother
To let her know You are near
Mommy we hold the same hands
Though I’m with Jesus and see
You are there where I did stand
His touch heals you and me
You and I will be together
I know Mommy it must seem long
But He promises life forever
and Jesus cannot be wrong
We did not know 
The sum of our days
His mercy clearly chose to show
That only He is the Way
So take His hand and let it be
As if you can feel mine and see
That I’m in good care part of a perfect song
Hug Daddy too and tell him it won’t be long
So during the time we are apart
Keep Jesus close to your heart
You need only to call His name
He’ll live in your heart and you’ll never be the same

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Start of Something New - Stay Posted

Well here goes, I find it easy to see what's absent in my life almost without effort. Each day I'm more aware that to give and bless others takes more than a choice it takes heart. God's Word says to guard our hearts for it is the wellspring of life. As an Artist it is easy to know when I have not guarded my heart. The center of my creativity flows from it and the enemy hates it. It is unique and no other heart was created like it, fashioned by Our Father to give, love and bless others with a special part of His Glory that He placed within me.