Paintings by Artist: Brian F. M. Barlow

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Remeber Me

(A Poem Inspired by personal growth and through the eyes of the thief on the cross)

By Brian F. M. Barlow
If I were to choose a place to be, It would be next to You on that tree. Eyes filled with tears, my heart clearly knows the wasted years. I look to You to know, desperately hoping You won’t go. You see all of my life. Every part has value, a mystery I don’t understand. Living here I struggle, I fight , I make my demands. In return, Your Love, Your mercy offers me a wounded hand. How could I know, How could I understand. The mystery of a gift freely given impossible by any other man. 
My lies, my shame hang beside You. 
Looking and asking You to remember me. Your gaze filled with compassion gives me hope. You spoke and I knew there is no other Name, No other Truth. You alone have prepared a place for me. 
You Remember Me.

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