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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Song by Brian Barlow

A Christmas Song
By Brian F. M. Barlow
In a world full of gifts packaged shiny and new
How is it that so many seem so blue
We rush all around from here to there
Hoping we’ll finish our lists in order to prepare
Coming home for some will never be 
But a memory of years past gathered around the tree
Perhaps this is why it appears hope is lost
For some life is just to big of a cost
They live alone in a world full of fear
Or at least it seems like they’ve lost their cheer
Plastic smiles are shared among strangers at best
For they are on the outside when they past by all the rest
Alone in the world is what the Liar will chant
Convincing the lost soul “This Jesus” just can’t
Understand what they feel or worse yet, even care
Because the Babe in the manger had nothing to share
He came without tinsel without ribbons and bows
He didn’t even have a home to call his own
The smells he first remembered were not cinnamon or cloves
But the dusty smell of animals sheltered from the cold
Then in the quiet of the night we hear a true song
From the battle field, the hospital, the streets bold and strong
It quiets the Liar as it grows in Glory at great length
Telling the Truth about Jesus of His Love and Strength
Alone He knows very well in this song
It’s something He’s been many times all along
When finally He chose to be on that tree
He took loneliness away for You and for Me
So you see dear one in this Holiday Cheer
I AM with you, you’re not alone for I AM near
Rest in My Truth and quiet your heart
Listen closely, invite Me in so we’ll never be a part

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  1. Wow, we talk of Christmas cheer, but forget that for some, or even most, the time brings a hint of grief as well. This really brings it home, acknowledging that hurt, but remembering the hope that we have in Christ. Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem.